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Post by Tavarius on Sat Nov 12, 2016 1:56 am

Volum had always been a difficult world to reach. As an orphan world, it drifted through dark space aimlessly, no solar system or star to call its own. This happened sometimes when planets were hit with a large enough mass, sent careening out of their orbit, into the cold never-ending night. This made it an unlikely and dangerous planet to settle, but settled it had been. Settled by refugees of the war, dark dragons who had been freed from their bonds to the King; but rejected by those who once called them beloved.

Perhaps the choice to settle it was symbolic, a planet without light, for dragons without light; but that didn't explain its initial discovery, for who would seek such a planet out? Stranger yet it bore ruins that suggested its settlement ages before memory, tales only of which the Time Dragons could tell. One could infer these two mysteries surrounding the planet were linked; but if Volum had any answers to give, she would give no more, but one final mystery.

The planet and virtually every soul on it had disappeared not long before the conclusion of the World Eater War. If finding the planet had been difficult before, finding where it once drifted to seek answers, would be even more so; especially without a portal.

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