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Post by Margurka on Sun Nov 13, 2016 12:01 am

According to local legend, Colagart started out very similarly to Earth, a race of mortals with little to no magical affinity, who were raised up by visitors from another world eons long forgotten. Most locals attribute the intervention of the Time Dragons to saving their species from extinction, and attribute collaboration between the two civilizations to the appearance of native born dragons as well as Colagart's ascension to a type II civilization like many of the others that exist. During the World Eater War, the world no longer had its saviors to turn to, and contact with it was lost. Most assume it lost, the portals once leading to it completely inoperable, as if the connection on the other end no longer existed. Those who have attempted to travel to the world never return, and indeed those not even hailing from the world have failed to contact their loved ones. Long distance observations show a gravity well consistent with a black hole in most every way, with the exception of where one would expect to see Hawking radiation emitting from the event horizon there is just as much nothing, as within the depths of dark space itself.

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