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Post by Chandler on Mon Jul 23, 2018 4:21 pm

The large poison dragon slowly prowled through the forest, weaving between the trees as he listened carefully. Although he had served Kingsley well he was no longer useful. The last battle had left him badly mutilated. One of his wings had been ripped off by a teacher and his right leg dragged uselessly. The dark scales were covered in mean scars and he was completely blind. Kingsley had left him behind as he would have been no use. Chandler knew how to bring back his sight with a special potion but just didn't have the eyes to find the ingredients. He needed someone to find them for him. That was why he was slowly making his way back towards the school. He was very good at convincing others to do his bidding and had quite a few very rare items stashed away. He settled himself in the crook of a very tall pine tree and watched from the shadows. Of course he'd kill anyone who denied him as he couldn't have them running around telling the staff he was still alive.

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