Meeting With Senator Lester White

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Meeting With Senator Lester White

Post by Ambrose on Tue Mar 31, 2015 9:48 am

Silver had cut his hair short and dyed it reddish-brown. His orange eyes were turned brown with a basic spell and his weapon was left at the school. Silver was dressed neatly in a tuxedo as he sat on a wooden bench overlooking the ranch. "Ambrose, there you are!" A wrinkled hand grabbed his shoulder briefly before the elder man sat next to him. "Good evening Senator. Quite the party you've thrown here... How are Becka and the kids?" He replied politely although his eyes darted around nervously. "Fine, fine but that's not why you're here is it?" The senator said with a slight smile. "Tell me, did it work?" Silver sighed heavily and hunched over a little before saying, "Yes.... so far the two seem to be getting along and will get married. I have removed myself from the picture as you requested." The old man's blue eyes glowed slyly as he nodded his silent approval. "Good. Now go enjoy yourself. I didn't throw the biggest party this side of the Mississippi for just that." He laughed before getting up and heading back to the crowded mansion. Silver took a second to get his feelings under control before he returned as well. He had to be extra cautious not to do any magic or give away his..... non human origin.

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