none may surpass caelum.

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none may surpass caelum.

Post by Zerta on Sun Mar 29, 2015 1:09 pm

An old man approached a flight of marble stairs that seemed to go up as high as a small mountain tapering in as they reached the top where a splendours golden throne sat against an ornate building made of marble and gold. The old man let out a small sigh as he let his foot fall on the first stair, imeadiatly a platform of what appeared to be pure light lifted him off the stairs and took him to the top where he kneeled before the empty golden throne and spoke in a voice unbefitting one his age "sire I have terrible news, collagart is advancing faster than we had predicted" a cold voice eminated from the air itself in response to the mans report " then keep me informed on their progress it may be time for a second 'accident' to set them back sooner than I had thought " the man stood and bowed to the throne and the voice of the old man and the voice of the throne spoke as one "none may surpass caelum" with that the old man began his decent down the flight of stairs.


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