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Victory at last  Empty Victory at last

Post by Ceres rajuras on Wed Sep 12, 2018 10:55 pm

Aedith of Angald, Rhaturmor of Rothone, Jath of Bural, Turvesuth of Torrim and Ungrin of Bhrathair were seated in a row at the head table. Kingsley Jorkins, being the guest of honor, sat in the middle. It was by his cunning and great skill that they triumphed over the dark dragons. Svene had fallen in battle and little was known about his condition. He had yet to be found among the slain. Ceres, Vanenkin and the undead had all gone back to the underworld once victory had been claimed. Oberon and Goran sat proudly in her place despite their wounds. It would take years to rebuild everything and maybe even decades if they wanted to integrate the technology left behind by the dark dragons.
Kingsley and his soldiers would always be welcomed on Glendower and they would of course aid them in any way possible. Already Kingsley was discussing his next plans of attack in a hushed voice with the elders.
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