And so the game begins

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And so the game begins

Post by Kingsley Jorkins on Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:34 pm

It was in the early hours of dawn when the next attack hit. With the recent gain of control over most Plaguewalkers, Bone Gnawers and Crawlers, Kingsley had curved their hunger towards the citizens of Rosewind. The promise of fresh meat and new blood had sent them into a frenzied bloodlust as they converged upon the city. Five score of the grisly monsters had clawed their way out of the three portals that now surrounded the city and they had charged instantly. Like a wavemail of death they washed from building to building, maiming, torturing and slaughtering anyone they got ahold of. Of course Kingsley hadn't brought any of his own soldiers. He knew that these creatures would not know or care the difference between Ally and enemy. Had he brought his own soldiers as well they likely would have fallen prey to the foul beasts themselves. Dragons began to emerge from buildings to fight for their life and aoon were causing ferocious damages among the undead creatures. But he hadn't brought them to win. No, his goal was quite different. But for the time being Kingsley was content to watch the chaos and destruction from the top of a tower. He wold harvest the bodies after the battle.
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