My Return: Bás Reoite's Wisdom

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My Return: Bás Reoite's Wisdom  Empty My Return: Bás Reoite's Wisdom

Post by Lacie Albus on Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:45 pm

How long had it been since I left the school? How many classes had I failed? How many battles had I missed? It didn't matter. All that metered to me were the lessons Bás Reoite had taught me in my time back home. I stood tall in front of the gates of the school, shoulders squared, head high, and my hair blowing. A single intricately carved bead was braided into my hair at the roots, a sort of "Diploma" in Bás' eyes, I suppose. I knew I had a lot left to learn, but at last, I was an equal. I was finally somewhat level with the other dragons at this school. No longer did have to worry about what people said about me. What they thought of me because of my upbringing on Earth was to be completely ignored, Bás had told me. I was a dragon, and I would be treated as such.
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