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Post by Malachite on Mon Oct 19, 2015 10:56 am

Planet name: Steotera V
Dominant elements: Nature and Water
Number of moons: 68

Thick forests and jungles dominate the landscape although mountains and deserts are scattered throughout. Similar to Earth it also has a north and south pole covered in ice. Dragons on land are not the top species. They have to worry about predators that lust for the taste of dragon flesh. While most land dragons there are small the other inhabitants are quite large. Two of the best known creatures are the Ardirerans and the Sevaniaks.
Ardirerans are a race of flying nocturnal jellyfish-looking creatures. Individuals are small and unintelligent, but they are capable of merging together into intelligent entities of enormous size. Unfortunately as they grow in size they also grow in aggressiveness. The largest ones are capable of causing mass chaos and death.
Sevaniaks are arachnid-like creatures around the size of a large Steppe Mammoth. On their home planet they are known for their incredible regenerative abilities , excellent endurance and psychic qualities. They often become companions with the native nature dragons and form life-time bonds only severed in death.

There is no planetary ruling force or country boundaries. In fact most of the dragons live in nomadic tribes that constantly follow their prey or are on the run from predators. Schooling is done while on the move when possible but most focus more about issues at home rather than what's beyond their own planet. It is rare for dragons to venture to other planets or solar systems.

The water dragons are excellent sailors and make a fair living either fishing or taking the land dragons across the oceans to other islands. It seems that there is always a group of land dragons needing to cross the unforgiving waters.

This is what the planet looks like:
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