A Very Late Return

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A Very Late Return Empty A Very Late Return

Post by Ceres rajuras on Wed Jun 24, 2015 6:26 pm

Night was just beginning to fall when Ceres stepped out of the portal. The young psychic looked quite haggard compared to before. Her clothes were tattered, her hair filthy and matted and her fingers were caked with blood and dirt as if she'd been digging with her bare hands until they bled. The blade of Death's Reach was shattered and the handle badly chipped. She glanced around with pale sunken eyes as she took in the once familiar surroundings. She shuffled forward towards the school slowly, quietly muttering to herself as she glared around angrily. It had been a waste of time, she'd used up all of the tree's sap and she had never found him. Six weeks wasted in that damned land of the dead and for what? She shook her head and picked up the pace. She knew she would feel much better after a proper meal, some cleaning and some rest. For once she was glad to see the school although as she got closer she noticed that it looked like there had been a battle. Ceres paused uneasily as she croaked out, "What happened here?" The foul stench of death was still thick in the air as she entered through the gates.
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